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Hi, I'm Mackenzie


I am a gentle handed tattooer who loves tattooing all types of subjects with a style that is very illustrative, but uses high contrast.


I enjoy pushing myself to create realistic scenes as well as bold designs that will last on the skin and look good as they stand the test of time.


I create every tattoo based on your wants and create them uniquely which means they are a one-of-a-kind work of art!

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Additional Info

 I have been focusing on larger projects lately and will always give priority on projects that have lots of bright color and creative freedom, although I do love to do black and grey as well. All of this takes a great deal of time so that is why I charge a strict hourly rate of $175 and appreciate tips based on the amount of care and time I put into all aspects of the project! 

My booking process is based off a wait-list to accommodate my repeat clients and I typically have a running waitlist going. So I don't open my books often to new clients because my waitlists are typically extensive and cover my available appointments. I also only book a few months at a time. If you want work from me, just send me what you're thinking with this form and see if I am interested in the project and it's something I want to do. If it is something I am interested in, which is more often that not,  I will either book you or place you on my waitlist depending on where I am in my booking schedule and what my availbility looks like. If you are placed on my waitlist, I will reach out to you when I start booking in order the requests were recieved. It books fast so keep an eye out from an email from me. If I do not accept your design, it either is because it is a small project and I really only do small tattoos for repeat clients, or it is something that I don't feel I am the best fit for. I am being more strict with this. I wish I could take every project I am offered because I really do appreciate it, but I just can't so I have to deny more projects. This is NOT PERSONAL. I'd love to tattoo everyone. I am only one person and am really trying to be the best artist I can be and grow this coming year, so I am only going to take projects I really resonate with and align with where I am heading as an artist. PLEASE do not give me attitude, or call me names because of this. I just hope for mutual respect and only do this because I respect this process and want you to have the best artwork possible. Thank you in advance for your understanding. 

Please read the contact form when you click the link for more info on deposits and my process, etc.!

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